Frequently Asked Questions

Below are common questions patients ask. 
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  • Bathe or shower first.
  • Do not shave legs on the day of treatment.
  • Do not apply lotions or creams on the day of treatment.
  • Bring loose-fitting shorts to wear during the treatment.
  • Bring compression stockings or be prepared to purchase them at our office.
  • Bring loose-fitting pants to wear home after the procedure.
  • Wear shoes that will accommodate the compression stockings.
  • You may be asked to fast the night before or eat a snack or light meal 1.5 hours before the appointment.
  • Discontinue taking birth control pills one month before the treatment.
  • For a full week before treatment, do not take aspirin, ibuprofen, anti-inflammatories, blood thinners, gingko biloba, ginger, garlic, ginseng, vitamin E, ephedra, iron, or antibiotics.
Does my insurance pay for my venous procedures?
With each comprehensive venous evaluation, our office staff will submit our findings and venous treatment recommendations to your insurance provider. In many cases, they will pay for all or most of the procedure recommendations. Of the remaining payments, our office will work with you to arrange a payment plan if needed.
When can I return to work?
All of our venous procedures are minimally invasive. Therefore, in most cases, you can return to work the following day or within 24-48 hours depending upon the complexity of the treatment plan. Our staff will discuss with you timing and precautions you need to take upon your return to work.
What activities can I perform after my venous treatment?
In general, the first 24-48 hours we recommend walking and light activities. If you have sutures or skin glue, no water activities for 48 hours to allow for the incisions to seal. After this time period, you may return to all your routine activities including full exercise and job responsibilities. Once your procedure is completed, our staff will provide you with specific written instructions on all appropriate precautions to take as you return to normal activities.
What kind of pain or discomfort can I expect after my procedure?
Each venous treatment has a variety of discomfort that may come after treatment. In general, you feel warmth and erthyma to the affected area. In many cases, we inject local medication and you may feel numbness and tingling in the injection zone until the medication wears off in 6-10 hours. Along the tracts of the veins treated, you may feel a “cording” or “stiffness” down your leg which is the result of the vein wall “sealing”. These are all temporary feelings and should reside in 24-48 hours. Sometimes we suggest taking Tylenol or Advil for the discomfort in addition to hot and cold compression. If these conservative measures do not resolve the discomfort, then we request you contact us for an appointment to evaluate your post-procedure progress.
Will my veins return after treatment?

In general, once your veins have been treated, those specific veins should disappear completely. However, the human body is very smart. Overtime, your body will develop new veins around the areas that were removed. In most cases, the new veins are small and may not be visible to the naked eye. Over the long term, veins may reappear in new areas that may need similar treatment in the future. Every person with venous disease has a unique healing process. Therefore, follow-up examinations on a yearly basis will ensure your venous health.

Who will be performing my venous procedure?
All minimally invasive treatments offered at The Vein Institute are performed by one of our board certified vascular surgeons.  You will have the opportunity to see the physician before, during and after the procedure to address any questions or concerns.