Pelvic and Labial Veins

What are Pelvic and Labial Veins?

These varicosities are often one of the most uncomfortable conditions patients want to discuss with their physician.  Patients suffering from these engorged veins often have pain during intercourse, bowel movements and menstrual cycles.  These varicosities are often the result of an underlying pelvic venous disorder.  Labial veins are located in the external female genitalia such as the labia major, labia minor and the surrounding area.  During pregnancy, the veins in the pelvis dilate due to increased levels of progesterone and uterus enlargement. In most women, the dilated labial veins resolve after the pregnancy. However, in some women, the veins persist indefinitely.  Labial veins can become uncomfortable with prolonged standing and can grow larger and more painful during premenstrual and menstrual cycles.  Definitive treatment of labial veins can include sclerotherapy of the veins themselves as well as eliminating deeper reflux, if present, in the pelvic and leg veins.  We have the diagnostic tools to identify this condition and have a minimally invasive option to treat and overcome this uncomfortable condition.