Pelvic & Scrotal Vein Embolization

For patients who we diagnose with pelvic congestion syndrome, pelvic, labial or scrotal varicose veins, the veins that supply the pelvic space are not working properly.  This insufficiency causes a “congestion” of veins become piled up in the pelvic region thereby causing painful pelvic veins.  This painful condition can be treated with a safe, minimally invasive procedure called pelvic vein embolization. Using x-ray technology and a contrast dye, the affected veins are visualized, and a small, thin catheter is inserted the damaged veins.  We can eliminate the veins that cause the congestion by placing small vascular clips or synthetic medication inside the vessel that force them to clot and permanently sealing the faulty veins.  Once this occurs, the uncomfortable veins will disappear and restore the natural venous flow to the region.